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Please read the terms and conditions below before placing an order. By ordering any Little Seeds Bakery products, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

1. Application of Terms and Conditions

By placing an order with Little Seeds Bakery [“Little Seeds”], you accept that these terms and conditions apply to all orders for the sale and supply of Little Seeds products. No terms or amendments outside the terms and conditions published here are binding, unless agreed to in writing, and signed, by the managing director of Little Seeds. These terms and conditions do not affect your statutory rights.

2. Age Restrictions and Permission

By making an online order of any Little Seeds products, you confirm that you are at least 18 years of age or that you have permission from a legal parent or guardian to place the order.

3. Personal Information Management

Any personal information that you provide in making your order, or that Little Seeds otherwise becomes privy to, will be used solely to help facilitate and deliver your order(s) in full, and/or to provide offers and information on Little Seeds products. Your personal information will be managed according to the Privacy Act 1993, and will not be shared with third parties (other than Little Seeds courier service provider) without your express permission. You have the right to inspect, delete or amend any personal information that Little Seeds holds about you.

4. Force Majeure

In the event of a Force Majeure, an event or circumstance beyond the control of Little Seeds that was not reasonably foreseeable, Little Seeds is to be released from any contractual agreements to which these terms and conditions apply. A Force Majeure includes, but is not limited to, a government action or omission (including any actions or decisions that negatively affect the market or Little Seeds products), a change in legislation, conflict, embargo, fire, flood, sabotage, accident, war, natural disasters, strikes, or disruptions to delivery from suppliers.


5. Orders

Little Seeds bakes quantities in direct response to orders received. By making an order for Little Seeds products, you are agreeing to make payment for the full amount of your order before the selected pick­up/delivery day, as specified in your order form. Subject to the other terms and conditions herein, you are liable for the full amount of that order.

Orders for Little Seeds products must be made before the end of the Tuesday immediately preceding the selected pickup/delivery date.


6. Pick­up of Product(s) Ordered

Little Seeds offers a number of points from which your order can be picked up, at specified times. These pick­up times and places are specified in the order form. You are responsible for organising the pick up of your order from the point and at the time that you have selected, at which point the risk for the product transfers to you.

If, due to unforeseen circumstances, your selected pick­up point and/or time becomes unavailable, Little Seeds reserves the right to select a new pick­up point and/or time. In this case, Little Seeds will endeavour to choose a pick­up point that is proximate to your original selection, and to inform you of the change in a timely manner. Failure to effect pick­up at your selected time and place, or the time or place selected on your behalf under this clause, disqualifies you from receiving a refund for the ordered product(s), at the discretion of Little Seeds.

Little Seeds does not provide a delivery service.

7. Cancellation of Orders by Little Seeds

Little Seeds reserves the right to cancel or refuse orders of Little Seeds products in the following circumstances:

a. Where there is, for any reason, insufficient stock to satisfy your order, either in whole or in part; or

b. Where full payment for the order has not been received by the deadline specified in the order form in question; or

c. Where a product ordered has been incorrectly priced; or

d. Where the order date or the pickup/delivery date stated on your order form has been incorrectly specified; or

e. Where your order for Little Seeds products has been submitted after the deadline stated on your order form; or

f. Where full payment for any previous order(s) that you have made for Little Seeds products is still outstanding; or

g. Where Little Seeds temporarily closes for business due to unexpected circumstances.

Where Little Seeds cancels or refuses your order under this section, you are entitled to a full refund of any money paid in direct relation to the cancelled order, unless you have any preexisting outstanding payments for Little Seeds products. Little Seeds is not responsible for any losses to you or third parties resulting from the cancellation of any orders under these terms and conditions.

8. Payment

a. Payment in full must be made by the end of the day on the Tuesday directly preceding the selected pickup/delivery date.

b. “Full payment” for your Little Seeds order is the total amount specified in the order form at the time of ordering.

c. Little Seeds reserves the right to change prices at any time between order cycles, subject to the other terms and conditions contained herein. Price changes will not affect pre­existing orders that have not yet been fulfilled.

9. No Liability Beyond Value of Goods Purchased

Neither Little Seeds nor its employees or subsidiaries is liable for any losses beyond the cost price of the goods purchased in the order from which those losses arose.

10. Cancellations of Orders by You

It is possible to cancel an order that you have made for Little Seeds products, and to receive a full refund for the order, under the following conditions:

a. You have emailed your cancellation request to before 12pm on the Tuesday directly preceding the specified pick­up/delivery date; and

b. You have received a response from Little Seeds before the specified pick­up/delivery date confirming the cancellation.


If both of these conditions have not been met, your order may, at the discretion of Little Seeds, be deemed to be active, and payment for the ordered product(s) required. In this case, your order will be prepared for you and will be delivered/available for pick­up, subject to the other terms and conditions contained herein. Failure to pick up your order from your selected point within the specified timeframe is not grounds for a refund.

11. Customer Satisfaction

Little Seeds strives for the highest standards of freshness and quality. A full refund will be provided for any defective Little Seeds product, provided;

a. Your concerns are communicated to Little Seeds, in writing, within 3 days of the selected pick­up/delivery date; and

b. The defect is such that it entitles you to a refund under the Consumer Guarantees Act; and

c. You are able to demonstrate the defect; and

d. You have stored the defective product as advised, and have not contributed in any way to the defect; and

e. You make the defective product available for Little Seeds to pick up on request.

If any of these sub­clauses are not satisfied, Little Seeds is not obliged to provide a refund for the product in question, but may do so at its own discretion.

12. Production and Product

a. Little Seeds products are made entirely from gluten free, dairy free, egg free and grain free ingredients.  The loaves themselves are certified gluten free by AsureQuality Ltd.

b. Little Seeds recommends storing its products in the fridge for up to one week, in a breathable bag such as the paper packaging provided. Loaves may be kept frozen for up to six months.

13. Risk

Risk for the quality and care of purchased Little Seeds products passes to you upon pick­up/delivery or, if pickup has not been effected, by the end of the pickup timeframe specified on the order form for that product.

14. Interpretation of this Agreement

Should any part of these terms and conditions be found to be ambiguous in any way, such ambiguity shall not be resolved by making an interpretation in favour of or against any party herein, but rather by construing the terms of this agreement fairly and reasonably in accordance with their generally accepted meaning.

Copyright © 2018 Little Seeds Bakery Limited. All rights reserved.

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