Six Seed loaf (Thursday 5th AUG) Rural

Six Seed loaf (Thursday 5th AUG) Rural


T H I S   L O A F 


We make our Six Seed loaf from six different seeds and a sprinkling of New Zealand sea salt. The seeds are buckwheat, sunflower, flaxseed, white sesame, pumpkin and psyllium seed husk.


A L L   O U R   L O A V E S


All our loaves are gluten free, yeast free, plant based, paleo, activated, organic and low carb. ♥︎


We carefully soak all our seeds to ease digestion and boost nutrition and deliciousness. For the same reasons we choose not to add yeast to our loaves, allowing them time to leaven naturally.


All our ingredients are certified organic. All our loaves are vegan and coeliac friendly. 


Our packaging is 100% plastic free. 🌳