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Like many of you I've experienced a few food allergy and sensitivity challenges over the years. And like many of you I know what it's like to swell up like a ginormous balloon every time I so much as look at a slice of bread! 😊  Luckily for me a friend eventually showed me a method for making a loaf that is both fantabulously delicious and also very gentle on sensitive tummies. I immediately got very excited and started tinkering with the recipe at home. One thing led to another and  before long I was baking for friends and family, then for folks at my local farmers market, my regional health food stores, and eventually online for folks around the country.

Little Seeds loaves are made from absolutely nothing but seeds. That means no yeast, no additives and no preservatives. Every ingredient is 100% organic and every seed is carefully activated to ease digestion and boost nutrition. The result is a gluten free loaf of bread that is very easy on the tummy and... delicious!

Questions and feedback warmly welcome. Either email us at or call me on 022 617 8577.

Nga mihi,

Hamish Macdonald

Founder of Little Seeds Bakery.

The very early days! :o)
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