A few years ago a friend introduced me to a wonderful loaf of bread. It was both mouth wateringly delicious AND beautifully easy to digest. Like allot of people I'd been increasingly unable to comfortably digest bread of any kind. SI was delighted. Bread was a thing again! With blessings from my friend I started playing with the recipe at home, baking for friends and family, then for customers at our local farmers market, for the local organic store, and eventually (with the help of our speedy couriers) to customers all around New Zealand.

We currently offer free delivery to any standard NZ address for orders of two loaves or more. Or you can pick up a loaf in Wellington from any Commonsense store or from Moore Wilson's Tory Street 😋

Hamish Macdonald

Baker at Little Seeds Bakery.

The very early days! :o)

Enquiries welcome. We'd love to hear from you 😊

Email us at littleseedsbakery@gmail.com or call Hamish on 022 617 8577.